Dream Suitcase

As a queer, plus-sized travel journalist, I recognize how dysfunctional our industry can be.

So much so that travel content can turn people off of traveling entirely. Generally, travel content does not represent enough perspectives nor is it always authentic.

I created Dream Suitcase in 2021 as a way to bridge those gaps I saw in the industry. My hope is that, someday, it can generate enough income to support writers from a wide range of backgrounds. In the meantime, I or a couple of other creators, populate it with our truths.

Together we can help folks travel confidently!

Dream Suitcase website header, a brown old school suitcase on top of blue clouds, designed by Kyle Haggerty. The logo is sitting on top of an image of waves hitting the beach.

Dream Suitcase is currently divided into four categories:

  • Itineraries: Here is where we publish long-form itineraries or roundups for individual places around the world. For example, disseminating which of the dozens of rides at Walt Disney World are best for folks with anxiety or motion sickness issues.
  • Real Talk: This is the section where we get very honest about our travel experiences or provide knowledge around less discussed topics like where tattoos are still taboo.
  • Pack It: Any good travel brand with a suitcase for a logo should mention packing, organizing, or gear tips. This section is devoted to those topics.
  • Queer & Far: There is a hope that someday this can be its own website. In the meantime, we publish pieces here on the queer travel experience outside of the gay male perspective which is where the majority of queer travel pieces reside.

If you feel so inspired, please support our mission via our Patreon.